About Sandy
Sandy was born and grew up in Hamilton Ont. In his early teens his family moved to Toronto. From his earliest
memory Sandy was always involved in some kind of performing. He was either participating in a school play,
family production or some other behaviour that would put him in the “limelight”.

After finishing high school, Sandy began to work in all facets of the entertainment business. From acting to
stage managing, set/props design and construction, make up & special effects for stage, television and film;
Sandy worked on the boards and back stage, in front and behind the camera. After graduating from the
George Brown College Theatre Performance program he was invited back to become their Make up and
Special Effects instructor. He remained a member of the faculty for five years.

In 1989, at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton Alberta, while on tour with an elaborate children’s production of
Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur; Sandy rediscovered his high school sweet heart.  They got married, he was
adopted by four children and he has lived out here ever since. Sandy's main focus now is to use his many skills
and talents to educate and entertain children/students/adults and of course - live happily ever after.
Sandy is part clown, part stand up comedian and part real life storyteller! He has
been an integral part of the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival for
over 10 years. Sandy is renowned for his work with TELUS’s internet storytelling
"Cybertales". Sandy is a Master Storyteller and he has been actively
involved in the creation of stories through his animated story sharing and he is gifted
in his ability to connect with children of all ages! Sandy Cooke flings the ancient art
form of storytelling into the twenty first century!