Mask & Mask Making
Realizing the creative freedom
behind the power of Mask
Masks are very magical. They encourage us to pretend, imagine,
play, reveal and discover. Just looking at a mask can evoke
strong feelings. We have a basic need to communicate “face to
face”. When we cover our face with a mask it eliminates the
expectations that we set for ourselves and those we set for the
people around us. Adorning a mask empowers us to remove the
other masks that we wear on a daily basis.
Conceal to Reveal
By exposing students to masks from
different cultures they will gain a
greater understanding of others
traditions and beliefs.  They will also gain
experience in exploring several kinds of
media. By using the masks students will
experience powerful creative freedom
and confidence.
Masks give us an opportunity to express unique elements and
characteristics of ourselves or completely different identities
all together. These new personalities come with their own unique
mannerisms and behaviors. “Personality” can be defined as the
distinctive qualities and traits of a person, especially
behavioral, tempermental and emotional characteristics that
distinguish individuality. “Personality” and “person” come from
the Greek word persona which means mask.
Sandy wishes to share the mask making
process with children and adults. Mask
can be applied to an endless amount of
educational situations. The Historical and
Cultural aspects of Mask will embrace
New Social Curriculum and enhance
the learning experience.  There is a style
and application of mask making for
Can you make out the two faces?
Use Masks, Mask Making and Mask Performing to help
discover and release untapped avenues of creative freedom.
Storytelling is a natural progression from Mask work.