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Puppetry involves all disciplines in a child's development. Perception, comprehension,
movement, speech, interaction with themselves and their environment are just a few of the
elements that can be explored.
and PUPPETS are
               The Power of a Puppet
is reflected in the empowerment of the child. Through the child’s “belief”, the puppet can
become a confidant. Avenues of communication can open that might not develop between child
and adult. The puppet becomes a safe extension of the child.
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The inanimate puppet allows a similar
creative strength of anonymity that a
MASK does. Through the guise of the
puppet a child can safely test their
surroundings and learn the expectations
of their environment.  The curiosity of
the puppet stimulates the imagination.
Hand puppets expose young students to
form and texture while challenging their
Puppets have been used to
entertain, educate and
reinforce cultural beliefs for
thousands of years. There are
hundreds of styles of
puppets, that range from
simply manipulating an
inanimate object with two
fingers to a multi-manned
Chinese Dragon to the full
animatronic performances of
the Walt Disney theme parks.
Puppets are
Puppets aren't just
for children.