and then. . .
Sandy has entertained thousands of children and adults throughout Alberta and the rest
of Canada. He has told and exchanged stories with the Inuit of Coppermine (Kugluktuk),
Cambridge Bay (Ikaluktutiak), and the peoples of Yellowknife N.W.T. For over 10 years,
Sandy has performed at the Northern Alberta’s International Children’s Festival. Sandy
has also shared his stories with audiences at Fort Edmonton’s Storytelling Festival, John
Jansen Nature Centre, River Valley Zoo, Toronto Fringe Festival and the Edmonton
Fringe Festival.

Bullies, Band-Aides, Culinary Catastrophes, Aliens, Thunder, Crazy Adults, Children that
save the day and IMAGINATION; these are just a few of the themes that are explored
in Sandy’s original stories. He is a chronicler of his own life. His original stories are a
journey into real life experiences as seen through the imagination of a boy who never grew
up. Sandy’s performances are dynamic, and his stories are bizarre, hilarious and very
revealing. His life stories are full of passion, fear, fun, truth, imagination, loud noise and
lots of laughter.
Once there was a. . .
and then. . .
and then. . .
A single word can evoke an endless stream of mental images. A living voice expressing
new experiences or familiar values fulfills our deepest desires to be connected. We are
hard-wired in our brains to speak, listen and imagine. Storytelling is an art form that
touches everyone - toss in a healthy portion of humour and the applications are fun and
Storytelling is the art of sharing knowledge and experience. For thousands of years,
cultures from all over the world have used and depended on the oral traditions for
passing on the history and reasoning of their very existence from one generation to the
next. This ancient art is very well-suited to be pushed, shoved, dropped and wedge into
the fast-passed, techno-info-driven classroom of the 21st century. Storytelling is
malleable and can be used to enhance any curriculum requirement and learning experience.
The student’s curiosity will be satisfied without destroying their wonderment for the
information. Spoken words are powerful, encouraging and nurturing at the same time.
Required equipment; a teller, a listener and imagination.
Storytelling is the foundation that LITERACY is built on.
Curriculum Connection:
- improves listening by inference and interpretation.
- increases vocabulary.
- introduces students to words in context.
- develops an appreciation for the beauty and the rhythm of the language.
- refines students speaking skills as they share their stories with others.
- sharpens the skills of imagination and visualization.
- enhances critical and creative thinking.
- sparks an interest in reading.
- enhances writing skills as they write their own stories.
"Sandy Cooke celebrates the imagination of children."
                                  The Edmonton Sun
Original stories, folklore, familiar tales and
specific themes are available upon request.
Storytelling Workshops and/or an Artist
and Education Residency Program can be
designed to meet the needs of both staff and
Sandy wishes to bring the magic and fun of storytelling to your classroom.